Did you see us in Creative Loafing?

Did you see us in Creative Loafing?

We recently had the opportunity to submit our family photo and interview to Creative Loafing for a social distance photo essay titled, ‘I Miss Us,’ by our friend and neighbor Sandra Dohnert Bourne. Little did we know they would list us as founders of our blog…which we will be totally honest, has taken a back seat since our little one came to town last April. However, we are absolutely delighted to have had the kick-in-the-pants we needed to get back at our mutual desire to blog about the city we love, St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you happened upon us and are not from the area, but are thinking of moving, you’ve come to the right page! Or maybe you live somewhere in the Tampa Bay area and want to check out in St. Pete? Whoever you are and however you got here, welcome! It’s nice to meet you! I’m Megan, a former teacher, now stay at home mom who tutors daily and studies nightly for my real estate license. My husband, Jason, is a pharmacist on some days and a realtor on others. He loves real estate (more than pharmacy) and helping others find their new home and/or investment properties. By attaining a real estate license myself, I am hoping to further his business and grow my own.

We are both active in our community and in our local neighborhood. I am the former president of Euclid St. Paul’s Neighborhood Association. We both currently serve on the board and have for years. The neighborhoods of St. Pete are incredible and add to the City’s unique vibe. Many people in 2020 don’t know their neighbors…that’s not the case with us and doesn’t have to be for you either. Here, many neighborhoods have active associations and host multiple events to bring neighbors together. Let us help you find the right place for you in St. Pete!

Look for future posts to come! And THANKS to Creative Loafing for sending you here and getting us off our rumps and back to blogging!

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